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Terms of service

Instructions for use the website which you are obliged to observe come into force from the moment of emergence you on the website. Neither of the time spent, nor this agreement depends on registration. At refusal of observance of any points of conditions of use we ask to leave the website in an immediate order.


  1. Subject of Terms of service
    1. Terms of service provides adjustment of the carried-out interactions between the website (Dosug777) and its users. Viewing of information component of the website, its use, registration, and also usual stay on him belong to interactions;
    2. The administration of the website has the right to change provisions of the agreement without any notices at any time. New rules begin to work two days later after their acceptance or through the certain time determined in the new agreement.
  2. Structure of the website
    1. Dosug777 - the website representing services of an intimate nature, namely erotic acquaintance. The website is created only for full age and completely capable persons;
    2. All questionnaires submitted on the website are left by users on a voluntary and free basis. The administration is not engaged in change or any moderation of questionnaires;
    3. Conditions of creation of questionnaires forbid to disclose anonymity of users. For infliction of harm to the person whose personal information was published, responsibility is born by the user who revealed incognito the victim, but not administration of the website. Personal information is understood as the user's full name, his passport data, the place of a registration and other data which are not specified in the questionnaire;
    4. Also it is necessary to remember that the materials presented on the website are intended for viewing by persons, 18 years are more senior (or 21 years - the age depends on the country of accommodation). Perhaps some data submitted on the website by other users may contain certain information, offensive or inadmissible, different from your moral foundations. Creators of Dosug777 are not responsible for similar materials. All data are submitted by other visitors of the website for the sake of obtaining any benefit;
    5. This agreement strictly recommends to observe the age restriction set by the website. If you are on Dosug777, therefore, you confirmed the majority and opened for yourself access to the materials presented on the website. From this minute the administration does not bear responsibility for a possible insult of your moral principles or deterioration in health in connection with violation of medical instructions. The user is responsible for all consequences;
    6. Management of all services used on the website is made by administration. Any changes in their work, and also full shutdown / removal are made to the discretion of creators of service. Any content of the website is submitted in an initial state, in work the administration of the website does not bear responsibility for possible malfunctions / failures. Each user adopts this agreement and has no right to make any claim contradicting this document;


Observance of all above rules will allow the participant of the Dosug777 project to test all functionality of this website and to receive services in full.